Who we are

Thrive Media Concepts is a professional online freelancing service, founded by Moses Ajayi in 2012 in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Our team consists of 15 professional teams of Writer, proofreaders, Editors, Audio engineer, Linguists, Film editors, Animators, and customer support specialists, etc.

We have members from United States, U.K, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, France, etc. All members are carefully trained and certified in their country.

We review the quality of our services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.

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No Hidden Charges

We don't believe an unforgettable service has to be costly; that's why we are constantly striving to deliver the most competitive prices. Our approach offers a more inexpensive way to get the jobs done, at a fraction of the price.


Offering Quality, affordable service to help your business with creative solutions to achieve its full potential!

We Excel At What we Do

Thrive Media Concepts excels at Content Writing, video production, Translation & Transcription, Data Entry, Video subtitling and captioning, Audio Cleanup, Product Review and Whiteboard & animated explainer videos